Communication – The Vital Tool to Peer Success


Mirna Herrera

Presentation Description: 

Have the confidence to say “This is my story, and I’m proud of it” because success is led by the power of communication. During this presentation we will discuss the importance of communication in the role of peer leaders and peer supporters. We will cover effective communication skills with managers to maintain a healthy work relationship that will nourish the recovery journey. We will talk about communication with coworkers as it relates to advocacy for peer support and peer success. We will also focus on the importance of effective communication skills to empathetically set boundaries, while empowering individuals through their recovery.


  • Explain how to use “your story” as a communication tool
  • Clarify what it means to be a peer supporter
  • Discuss how to explore communication skills with managers, co-workers and peers
  • Identify boundaries that may need to be set while still focusing on empowerment through effective and empathetic communication


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