Where Do We Go From Here with Harm Reduction


Chad Sabora, BA, JD

Presentation: This talk will emphasize on theory and implementation of where harm reduction needs to go next. Peer-to-peer efforts are crucial, but we must directly engage with the most at-risk population while we have easy access to them;  those individuals leaving an abstinence-based inpatient treatment center and those being released from incarceration. Harm reduction education and resources must be given to individuals and their families. Not limiting ourselves to just those incarcerated, we also must train and engage probation officers, parole officers, and treatment court programs. Harm reduction must continue to progress so we will also be discussing safe injection facilities and heroin assisted treatment and looking towards the data at the success of these programs.


  • Discuss how to engage treatment centers into making harm reduction part of their treatment modality.
  • Describe how to implement harm reduction into various aspects of the criminal justice system.
  • Review how positive data supports more progressive harm reduction programs.


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