Peer Network Forum


Brenda Schell and David Stoecker, MSW

Discussion: Please join the Missouri Recovery Network as we discuss the need for creating local peer networks statewide. What would a local peer network look like? How could peer networks benefit you in your role as a peer specialist? What additional support/training would be beneficial to you as a peer? What benefits do you see in networking with other peers to strengthen/expand local recovery oriented systems of care? Do you have a good understanding of your peer role? Does your supervisor understand the role you play in the treatment/recovery team? Come join us in this open dialogue on how peer networks could benefit you and what role you can play in helping create one in your area.


  • Describe characteristics of what a local peer network encompasses and how it can be beneficial to peers.
  • Explain the benefits and strengths of expanding local recovery oriented systems of care.
  • Discuss the role that peers play in the treatment and recovery team and how to help supervisors understand this role’s importance.
  • List steps that could help the participants play a role in creating their own peer networks.

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