Lu Ann Reese

Lu Ann Reese is the Statewide Family Support Coordinator for the Missouri Department of Mental Health. Lu Ann has gained her lived experience as being an individual with Bi-Polar Disorder and her experience raising her son who started experiencing emotional and mental health issues at the age of 5. Her son was later diagnosed with childhood onset psychosis. She provides technical assistance, consultation and training related to engaging parents and caregivers of children, youth and young adults who have emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. This support is provided to Department of Mental Health providers, family groups, community groups, and other child serving agencies. One of Lu Ann’s primary roles at DMH is to oversee the Family Support Provider program (FSP). An FSP is a family member who has or/is raising a child, youth or young adult with mental health issues. The FSP provides supports to the parent/caregiver of the child/youth/young adult by providing information, resources and other supports to help the family become more resilient and better able to meet the needs of their family. Her initial involvement in Systems of Care started in 1998 and has evolved into her providing support and training related to partnering with families at the policy table. She also provides support and trainings to providers, parents and caregivers about the changing family dynamics for families with Transition Age Youth.


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Family Support Provider Role Clarification, Partnering with the Community Support Specialist to Support Family Members and Caregivers

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