McDowell, Mickie

Mickie lives in a small, rural Missouri town where she finds the slow pace, starry nights and fresh air are not only a great place to raise to her 15 year old daughter, but amazing for her wellness and self-care. After living with a severe mental health issue since childhood, Mickie says that she was fortunate to have the supports and access to services at a crucial time or would not be here today. Although the road was not always easy, nor the system supportive the journey has been amazing. Mickie was both honored and humbled by being named the 2011 Missouri Mental Health Champion, but always wants people to remember that she is not special or unique, just fortunate to have had the opportunity to follow her recovery path. She advocates daily to ensure that individuals have access to a full variety of self-driven services that support a life in recovery within the community.


Creating and Sustaining Natural Supports for Peers

CPS Tool Review




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