Opening Presentation: Wise Choices Lead to Resiliency!


William Keeney

Presentation Description: This  presentation teaches how to use Critical Thinking in making Choices which leads to Resiliency-based decisions and empowerment. This is geared towards understanding and defeating Risk Taking Choices that lead to adverse habits/addictions, such as and including drug use, aggressive driving, DUI, bullying and suicide. You will be taught ( very basic) the way the brain works (stress response) and how to live in the Wizard and not the Lizard part of the brain. You will be taught basic resiliency coping techniques such as “Breathing”, “Muscle Relaxation & Meditation”.


  • Define resiliency
  • Discuss resiliency-based coping skills
  • Describe basic brain function; Lizard vs. Wizard and the Addictive Brain Response
  • Define critical thinking and how it contributes to good vs. poor judgement and risk taking
  • Discuss how to develop resources in resilient thought process and other basic techniques

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