Community Organizing—The Key to Successful Outreach & Engagement for the Addiction & Recovery Community


Michael King

Presentation Description:  58% of the American Public does not believe that addiction is a national emergency. Ask any room of advocates if they think so, and every hand will shoot up. We know that 1 in 3 families are directly impacted. This makes one point clear – we have not yet reached those who are not directly impacted by this issue. In order to most successfully move our issue forward, the answer is clear – community organizing. Much like HIV/AIDS activists did so many years ago, and reminiscent of other social justice movements, it’s time for our community to come together. This means unifying the multiple “constituencies” that fall under the addiction umbrella – the recovery community, affected families, prevention leaders, treatment providers, law enforcement, and other major community leaders – together in order to successfully conduct outreach and engage members of our community. The presentation will walk through community organizing 101, how we begin to organize, and what participants in the room can do to work with Facing Addiction with NCADD to solve this problem.


  • Educate audience members on community organizing
  • Articulate goal development, strategies and tactics necessary to carry out this activity
  • Outline Facing Addiction with NCADD’s plans to bring these ideas to communities across the country

Slides or Handouts:

King-Presentation for Missouri Events-r

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