The Role of Medication in Treatment and Recovery – Panel


Cheryl Marcum, BA, CRADC, MARS – Medication-Assisted Treatment and Recovery

Patricia Sams, CCJP,MARS, MRSS-P,CRPS – Medicated Assisted Treatment – Vivitrol, A Lived Experience.

Presentation: Cheryl Marcum will begin by presenting on Medication-Assisted Treatment and Recovery by describing medications used in medication-assisted treatment and how each play a role in the recovery process. Marcum will give an overview of medications used to treat substance use disorders and expectations of the use of these medications in treatment programming in Missouri. Patricia Sams will present on Medicated Assisted Treatment—Vivitrol, A Lived Experience. Sams will briefly cover topics of medicated assisted treatment, fighting stigma, Consumers Choice and lived experience. After the brief presentations on medications and their role in recovery, speakers will open up the presentation to allow the audience to ask questions and have further discussions regarding medication in treatment and recovery.


  • Review medications used to treat substance use disorders and which substance use diagnosis can be treated with these medications.
  • Describe the importance of various criteria for medications to be effective in treatment and recovery.
  • Discuss common barriers to the use of medications for treatment/recovery and how to address these barriers.
  • Address the sigma of medication assisted treatment.
  • Describe Consumer Choice—well informed decision making.
  • Discuss Medicated Assisted Support Groups.
  • Clarify and answer further questions from audience regarding medication-assisted treatment and its role in recovery.

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