Peers: We’re All in this Together – Panel


David Stoecker, LCSW, MRSS-P, MAADC II, CGRS  & Christopher Keeton

CMPS – Sarah Earll

FSP – Lu Ann Reese

Presentation: Panel speakers will begin by describing the roles of the Missouri Recovery Support Specialist—Peer (MRSSP), the Certified Missouri Peer Specialist (CMPS) and the Family Support Provider (FSP) and how each contributes to the peer support movement. After a brief description of each role, speakers will open up the presentation to allow the audience to ask questions and have further discussions regarding these roles.


  • Describe the role of the MRSSP in peer support.
  • Describe the role of the CMPS in peer support.
  • Describe the role of the FSP in peer support.
  • Clarify and answer further questions from audience regarding MRSSP, CMPS and FSP roles and responsibilities.


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