Beyond Acute Care Treatment: Recovery Maintenance & Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC)


Adam Larkin, CRPR

Presentation:  Understanding the broad scope of effective ROSC and the essential role they play in the recovery initiation and maintenance phases of an individual (with Mental Health Disorders, Substance Use Disorders and or both) seeking and sustaining long term recovery. The presentation will look at a working ROSC development within a clinical treatment environment utilizing Peer Support, how that is established and incorporated seamlessly into an acute care model and how it is continued successfully utilizing Peer Support beyond the acute treatment in the recovery maintenance of the Peer pursuing Long Term Recovery.


  • Develop a conversational understanding of what constitutes a Recovery Oriented System of Care
  • Describe the role of Peer Support Specialists in developing ROSC with their peers
  • Demonstrate an effective and efficient way to begin ROSC


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