Sabora, Chad, BA, JD

Chad Sabora is the co-founder and executive director of the Missouri Network for Opiate Reform and Recovery. He received his undergraduate and graduate education in psychology and political science at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He then received his Juris Doctorate at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, IL. Upon completion of law school, he began employment as a prosecutor for Cook County, IL. Chad worked in various positions as a prosecutor; child support enforcement, abuse and neglect of minors, and juvenile delinquency. During his time as a clerk at the same office in law school he worked in the gang’s unit, felony court, and special prosecutions. He also held several internships in law school that mainly focused on criminal and civil procedure. Chad is also a person in long term recovery from substance use disorder and due to his unique experience as a prosecutor and former heroin addict, he left the legal field to pursue drug policy reform advocacy. He helped form The Missouri Network for Opiate Reform and Recovery (MO Network) in 2013. Since its formation, MO Network has helped to write, lobby, and pass numerous pieces of legislation in Missouri; first responder access to narcan, third party and OTC access to narcan, 911 Good Samaritan Immunity in Missouri, and access to medication assisted treatment in treatment, veterans, mental health, and family court. Currently Chad runs MO Network’s harm reduction and recovery outreach center in South City St. Louis and heads their work on legislative policy reform.


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