Sabora, Chad, BA, JD

Chad Sabora, BA, JD, was raised in Chicago by his father, who spent most of his life as an executive at Gateway rehabilitation paving the future of treatment for people that struggle with addiction, and his mother, a housewife and a prosecuting attorney. Chad received his undergraduate education at The University of Illinois and his law degree at The John Marshall Law school and followed his mother’s path and began his legal career as prosecutor for Cook County Illinois. Despite his upbringing and education, Chad also suffers from substance use disorder which took hold of him in 2006. He became addicted to prescription pain killers which led to a heroin addiction that controlled his life until June 9th 2011. After his own addiction treatment, he began working with those addicted to heroin to ensure they received all the help they could no matter what their financial circumstances were. In 2013 he and Robert Riley II created the Missouri Network for Opiate Reform and Recovery. Together they expanded the initial vision to include creating a new education system in our public schools, harm reduction, social and political reform, and the most important part of their mission is to destroy the stigma associated with substance use disorder.


Where Do We Go From Here with Harm Reduction


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