Stoecker, David, LCSW, MRSS-P, MAADC II, CGRS

David Stoecker is a person in long-term recovery after almost 25 years of substance misuse. He has 4 college degrees, including a Master’s Degree in Social Work and his LCSW, all of which he earned after getting his GED in prison. He spent 8 years as a therapist working with residential and treatment court outpatient clients and is currently the Advocacy and Education Outreach Coordinator for the Missouri Recovery Network. He is also a co-founder of the Springfield Recovery Community Center and the Director of Better Life in Recovery. He sits on the State Advisory Council for Substance Use, Prevention and Recovery and was the 2017 Missouri Mental Health Champion due to his passion for helping others through his recovery.  He loves many things, but the top of that list are his wife, his two children and educating people on substance use, treatment and recovery.


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