Stop WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) & Roll


Patricia Johnson

Presentation Description: The Wellness Recovery Action Plan is a structured system for monitoring uncomfortable and distressing signs and symptoms, and through planned responses, reducing, modifying or eliminating those signs and symptoms. It also includes plans for responses from others when your symptoms have made it impossible for you to continue to make decisions, take care of yourself and keep yourself safe.

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) is a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) approved program. A Certified Peer Specialist usually leads these groups. During this WRAP session we are able to start putting together our Wellness Recovery Action Plan ( our exit/entrance plan). This model is designed so that the individual who will use the plan will also write it. By using the WRAP model, the individual will identify how he or she wants help before a crisis occurs as well as afterwards.

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan is made up of five sections. In the first section of WRAP, individuals identify what wellness looks like for them – how do they know that they are doing well.
In the second and third sections of WRAP, individuals identify triggers and situations that can lead up to a crisis. During these stages, individuals recognize their own early warning signs and decide how best to deal with these signs. For example, if an individual is having a bad day, a coping skill might be watching his or her favorite movie or going on a long walk with his or her dog. Section four of WRAP occurs when the situation worsens or when things begin breaking down. In this stage, the individual identifies signs and symptoms pre-crisis and forms a plan of what to do. For example, when a situation worsens, an individual may decide that instead of using the coping skills in stage two, he or she may need to talk to his or her doctor about whether or not the medication is working effectively. Section five, which is arguably the most useful section of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan, entails forming a crisis plan. This plan answers questions like – who do we call, where do we go, what do we do, how do I know that I need someone else to make decisions for me, etc.

Fortunately through the WRAP, the individual in crisis can already have a plan in place when a situation of crisis arises.


  • Cover the fundamental principles of recovery only!
  • Discuss wellness tools
  • Discuss the three C’s…
    • Can I recover from difficult life situations and circumstances?
    • Can I learn the skills necessary to accomplish the things that I have always wanted to do?
    • Can I feel better again and have a normal life.?
      And the answer to all those QUESTIONS would be YES WE CAN!. But just like anything else we must first put a plan in place In order to be successful!
      So we must learn to STOP, WRAP & ROLL


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