Suicide Prevention as a Peer Leader


Stacey Williams

Rick Strait

Presentation Description: This presentation is designed with the Peer Leader in mind. As a Peer Leader it is very likely that you will encounter people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts or suicidal crises. In fact, many times you may be the VERY FIRST person that your peer confides in about their suicidality because you have developed that trust-based relationship with them. Through this presentation we want to empower you by giving you a better understanding of suicide and how you can help individuals experiencing suicidality. We will also show you how to get involved in suicide prevention advocacy in your community, starting with providing an overview of sharing your suicide attempt story. Join us to learn about suicide in Missouri, how to respond to a suicidal crisis and how and when to share a suicide attempt story to empower others.


  • Discuss the current state of suicide in Missouri
  • Describe how to respond to a suicidal crisis, including how to find the appropriate help for their peer
  • Give guidance on how to know if/when they should share their story
  • Introduce guidelines on how to safely share their story, if they make the decision to share their story





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