The Importance of Housing in the Recovery Journey


Bobbi Jo Reed

Alon Fisch

Heather Gieck

Presentation Description: 

We all know that a safe and sober place to live is one essential element to recovery. In this session, three recovery housing providers from Springfield, Jefferson City, and Kansas City will provide valuable information on the importance of recovery housing and how they each started a recovery house in their community. During this panel presentation, discussion will take place on the importance of getting community buy-in to help recovery houses become and remain successful within the community. The importance of partnerships, collaboration and sustainability will be discussed. Join us for this educational and informational presentation.   


  • Discuss why a safe and sober environment is essential to recovery outcomes
  • Explain the importance of promoting from within
  • Describe the importance of getting community buy-in to help your home become and remain successful within your community
  • Explain and discuss the importance of being a good neighbor
  • Describe how to start a recovery home
  • Discuss sustainability; collaboration with different partnerships
  • Discuss the continuum of care (beginner home, intermediate, advanced, apartments)


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