Keeney, William

William Keeney has an Associates Degree in Applied Science from Utah Valley University. He was in the United States Air Force for six years, and has been a KCPD Police Officer for 23 years; ten of those years as a patrol officer, two years as a bicycle officer on the Park Anti-Crime Team, two years on the Rapid Response Team, six years as a Motorcycle Officer, two years as a KCMO Municipal Court Drug Court Officer and is currently a Community Interaction Officer. Keeney is a trained and certified Crisis Intervention Officer, is trained in Resiliency and Secondary Trauma Awareness and has developed his own curriculum for teenagers on how to use critical thinking in making choices which leads to resiliency based decisions and empowerment. The curriculum is geared towards understanding and defeating Risk Taking Choices that lead to adverse habits/addictions, such as and including drug use, aggressive driving, DUI, bullying and suicide.


Opening Presentation: Wise Choices Lead to Resiliency!


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